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PRFM Undereye Treatment : Its Benefits and Side Effects

Many individuals are concerned about the region under their eyes! Hollowness, thin skin, and darker skin are all factors that contribute to the impression of weariness, irritability, or simply aging.

If you were to look at Instagram, you would believe that there's a thing like injecting some filler beneath your eyes, and all of your problems would be fixed!

Unfortunately, it is not as straightforward as that. This face region is quite susceptible to changes based on your hydration level, sleep quality, allergies, and salt consumption, among other factors. Often under-eye filler looks terrific at first, but with time it might move and become bulky, or it can make puffiness appear much worse! That is something no one wants!

We will now look at a perfect technique to increase the skin's quality and under-eye nourishment so that you may achieve the most excellent potential result!

What is PRFM (Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix)?

PRP  (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a term that many people are familiar with. This serum has been extracted out of your own blood and is high in growth factors. It was used in orthopedics for years, and it's now utilized for face revitalization. It is a natural ingredient that is safe and effective. Now,  PRFM is PRP contains the same growth factors as PRP, but the platelets have been activated with calcium. 

As soon as it is injected, it creates a gel, which concentrates all components in one location for treatment. Natural fibers in the under-eye region and elsewhere on the face have been built up with PRFM, a regenerative technique. Several treatments are required, and the benefits will take several months to manifest.

The Undereye Treatment

Using the technique of Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, the undereye treatment allows for gradual renewal of the eyelids and brows. To perform this procedure, a tiny quantity of blood must be drawn and processed to eliminate any non-essential blood cells, enabling the plasma to produce a smoother look beneath the eye. 

 This technique will help to decrease puffiness and circles, resulting in a more youthful-looking appearance.

Combining this procedure with additional treatments such as dermal fillers and laser therapy will be beneficial to get maximum results. Two treatments will be required; however, they will be done one month apart to allow the treatment region to recover and provide the best possible outcomes.

This therapy complements other treatments that improve the overall quality of the skin and the general look of the patient, resulting in a more healthy glow for both men and women. After all, opting to age graciously does not imply that the patient must accept the impacts of the aging process on their physical appearance.

Before, During, and After PRFM Under Eye Filler

What to do Before the PRFM Undereye Treatment:

You must be adequately prepared for your therapy before it takes place. Before treatment, you must meet with a highly skilled cosmetic doctor to determine whether or not PRF injections are a good fit for your needs and expectations. The doctor will examine you, and your health records will be discussed. The operation and the therapy, goals, and recovery will be addressed in detail. 

If the evaluation reveals that PRF is the best therapy option for you, a customized treatment plan will be developed, and you will begin immediate treatment! It is recommended that you drink enough fluids before the operation in order to increase the likelihood of a safe blood draw.

What to do During the PRFM Undereye Treatment:

Two vials of blood are taken to load a 13 ml tube, which is just under a tablespoon in volume, to prepare for the therapy. Following that, the blood is put into a special centrifuge that is designed to isolate PRF from other blood constituents. It is then extracted from the mouth of the vial into a needle when it has finished spinning. As soon as the PRF is prepared, there is a brief window of time during which the PRF can transform into a gel-like texture. 

A timely process is required to get the most natural-looking outcomes possible. To enhance patient comfort, clinics generally administer some numbing cream to the injection region before performing the procedure. Once you're ready to go, the PRF Under Eye treatment will only take a few minutes to finish.

What to do After the PRFM Undereye Treatment:

When you get therapy, it is not unusual to suffer puffiness or discoloration under your eyes. You may have under-eye heaviness for 3-5 days before it begins to subside. As the tissues and collagen beneath the eyes continue to develop for 1-2 months, you will see the benefits of your therapy become more noticeable.

What are the risks and side effects to consider?

When a substance is injected, the tool used to provide the product may cause bruising, discomfort, and redness, as is the case with all injections. Following the post-treatment recommendations will help to reduce the likelihood of this happening. 

The PRF treatment is entirely safe, and there are no significant adverse effects to be concerned about. This is especially true when trained specialists do the work!  Mild pain, swelling, and soreness are also possible. They can be quickly alleviated by applying topical anesthetic and cold to the affected area.

If you are contemplating a PRF face treatment, we urge that you speak with your cosmetic medical specialist about your options before proceeding. Even though there aren't any contraindications to the operation, patients with low or irregular platelets, or those using anti-clotting medicines, should choose an alternative face treatment option. During your appointment with your esthetician, you will receive a complete overview of the risks and consequences associated with PRF Under Eye injections.

Combining Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix Under Eye treatment with additional treatments such as dermal fillers and laser therapy will be beneficial to get maximum results. 

To enjoy the PRFM Undereye Treatment benefits, book an appointment with professional clinics like Prim Rose Reno and talk to the esthetician about your desired goals. 

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