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Primrose Medical Boutique was founded by Krystina Hashimoto following the death of her son Hawthorn Rain that died at birth.  Through her grief, she had a vision to help others and create something special that allowed her to heal and spread light. Butterflies represent transformation from a caterpillar to a majestic butterfly through the process of the cocoon releasing the beauty from within outward.

Our mission remains that without change, there would be no butterflies. Their dynamic transformation allows the potential that lies within us to be released and creates our focus on preserving and enhancing your beauty.

The rainbow signifies the rain after the storm, which brings the rainbow that gives hope and new beginnings. All the Primrose Girls are strong independent women that are masters of their craft and have weathered their own personal storms. We want to partner with you in promoting self love and confidence into the world around you.

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